Scare Crow @ M.G Road Bengaluru

The mammoth malls and shops of Bengaluru holding pluck cards of discount charts has often ignored the dignity of the people left behind in the lower strata of modern city life .My performance here dressed up as a scare crow was to depict the plight of these hapless people . I stood in front of these shops and took  an account of trespasser’s reactions .I could list varying reactions like irritated frowned faced shop keepers, curious mob ,and a few ignored the scene completely.

This installation is largely related to the inhuman construction of large luxury paths by snatching numerous agricultural lands belonged to the farmers of the respective areas. Here the scare crow is engulfed with circular tires around it which shows the overlapping of tarred roads with agricultural farm lands which are the backbone of Indian society.

Human life is haunted by  unquenchable desires. Every time we think we reached our destiny we are randomly and restlessly chased and chained by another number of desires. The weighing scale in this performance was metaphorically used to express this human magnetic attachment with desires. I sat on one side of the weighing scale and on the other side clothes were heaped to balance but me as a metaphor of desire weighed more than the clothes which was a symbol of fulfilled desires.



This performance was done @ MG Road Bengaluru on september 27th 2013 , facilitated by Kate Mahony and Verity Whiter, residents of 1Shanthi Road Bengaluru India.

Video Documentation : Vijetha Gangolli

Photo : Prasad k. v, Samuha Suresh, Dayanand


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