Scare Crow @ Nice Road Bengaluru


It’s a different issue that though there is a commuting facility between cities, one would construe a high-tech commuting routes for the very same. However, which such an attempt is made, pinching off the livelihood of thousands of farmers by grabbing their farming lands by force is a question of jeopardized administrative conscience. It is a question of development v/s preserving and conserving of an age old profession which is the backbone of the country, farming. It is an attempt to create a certain contemporary novel colonization of a deviant kind and also often seems anti-humanist in attitude.

I have seen innumerable Scare-Crows, withering away lifelessly, chasing away birds in such barren farm lands, whose future as farm-lands are very uncertain, because of the immense hunger among developers of inter-state connectivity. I re-enacted the ironic savor of the farming lands and farmers, as a performative piece, on the very nice road between Bangalore and Mysore. I wore the dress of a scare-crow, stuffed in the dry haystack like the actual one does, wore the decorated mud pot on my head and hung myself from a land-mover, stretching my hands, again like a scare crow. I was driven for about a kilometer on the ‘Nice’ road. Power and technology deletes one of the most ancient preoccupations of man and woman—i.e. farming. The performance is signatory, symbolic and also was meant to evoke the helplessness of humans about his/her own existence in general; and in front of his/her own short sighted notion of development in particular.///

This   performance as donwe at Nice Road entrance to PESIT college Bangalore on may 2014, under the project  560 supported by  IFA.


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