Any kind of stress that we invite implies a certain psychological disorder into one’s system. As human evolution progresses, she undergoes extreme stress, as if by design; and depends on others to emerge out of it or get rid of it. Some even use this dependency for selfish ends and this has almost become a norm in the current circumstance.

I visited Kirki village in Delhi and delved into its history as well (this Masjid is one of the five meant for those who believed and got converted into Islamic religion). What I realized was a certain a specific stress that is unique to the marginalized (M.F.Husain’s contribution would have been perceived extremely different, if he did not belong to the religion to which he was born into. The tiny windows over the Masjid walls which gives it an appearance of a fort, all in all, availed me a certain abstract insights into coming up with a performance of my own.

With the help of a friend, I spread out a long black cloth and began to entangle the art audience who had come to view my performance. Some agreed to be a part of it, some did not, while all of them were convinced to be bound by the cloth, which was finally tied up along with and around one of the existing pillar. While the cloth was being bound rather intensely, the suffocating participants/audience released themselves from such bindings and emerged out. My performance concluded when the lifeless cloth clad around the pillar, with none in between. My main intention was to perform the idea and stress of the human-inflected belief upon those who are taken by surprise.//

This performance was done during the “ Body Temperature workshop” facilitated by Dorothea ( switzerland performance artist ) , Suresh Kumar & Smitha Cariyappa at Kirki village Masjid   Delhi  on  December 2014


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